Essay on Graduation Speech : College Education

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Many times teachers effective in reaching these students and helping them to understand what possibilities and potential they had. Many of the people in this environment did not have parents that went to college and could guide them, most didn 't had parents that didn 't care if they came home at night. It is hard to watch your peers navigate through life with no steady positive reinforcement.
Fortunately, there was a program that changed the course of my life by acknowledging academic and volunteering accomplishments. Many of the workers in this program were college education and able to provide knowledge as well as first hand experience. Many times when wanting to giving up, it is that group of people that continued to motivate and encourage. This influence provided instilled hope and as well as the possibility that thing would not always be bad and that it was completely up to the student to try and push through all limitations.
Practical and Academic possibilities
Further studies into this area can be extremely beneficial understanding students from low socioeconomic backgrounds and what they need to succeed. The decisions that can be made now to work towards minimizing these disadvantages can possibly change the lives of these students and help them to stop the cycle of underachievement in their family. On a practical level, leaders within schools can better understand what the needs of these students are and better be able to meet them. Leaders can utilize…

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