Essay on Graduation Speech : College Education

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As students prepare to graduate high school, they begin to ponder whether they should pursue a higher education. Many factors contribute to the doubt of college education, one of the reasons being the expenses such as tuition, books, and room and board. Although the above statement can generate a despair, college can be beneficiary with composing one 's future.

To begin with, secondary schooling enhances the likelihood of maintaining financial stability. First off, college education provides job security. For instance, many individuals are able to sustain a job from prior experience and knowledge. Entrepreneurs are not going to want an individual in their company who does not retain human capital. Would you rather have someone work for you who attended college or someone who did not graduate high school? On the other hand, numerous companies are seeking individuals who have no experience in their expected criteria. They have this mindset because they believe having no experience would be a benefit towards the company to be able to train and generate the mindset of the employees in the way they want. Moreover, secondary schooling can initially conduct a stress free environment. For example, with more education one has, the more salary one will construct. Producing a better salary will make it easier to be debt free with being able to pay bills and even tuition loans. On the contrary, students tend to drop out of college or change their majors. When these incidents happen,…

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