Graduation Speech : Beloit College Essay

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In the year in 1991, Beloit College started the First-Year Initiatives (FYI) Seminars with the end goal to provide the incoming first year students to learn how to be students of the liberal arts education and also how to be a successful student at Beloit. It was created with the interest that it could educate the new students on how to use the campus to their advantage such as: using the two museum on campus to learn more about the rich history of many different cultures, using the tutors at the Writing Center or learning more about class materials from the teacher’s aide (TA), and even to learning about studying abroad through the Office of International Education (OIE).
Within the classroom, I could see my future being impacted by the thing we worked on in class every time we met. From the readings (Food and the City by Jennifer Cockrall-King and Bitter Chocolate, by Carol Off) that were assigned to teach us how to read more effectively and sift through the unnecessary “fluff” or irrelevant information, to all of the homework assignments about the field trips we attended (Office of International Education, Logan Museum, and a family farm). These trips were installed into the course as part of the learning goals to explore and use the campus’ amenities to the fullest. We were graded hard and provided with feedback that allowed us to better ourselves as writers and students.
There are many learning strategies that I will take along with me for not only the next four years…

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