Graduation Speech At Evansville Day School Essay

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In every school, students always struggle with one class in particular, and several students accept a bad grade in that class. At Evansville Day School, AP Biology with Mrs. Swinford is known by many as a challenging class. Between rigorous AP material, daily classes, and cumulative tests, it is easy for someone to become overwhelmed. However, several easy steps can be taken to ensure some degree of success in AP Biology and other tough classes. Between work in class, work at home, and test day preparations, getting the almighty A has never been so easy. As a former student in the class, these tips have been learned both the easy and hard ways.
At School
When a new unit is started, you need to be attentive in class to fully understand the material. It starts with basic notes and powerpoint lectures by Mrs. Swinford that build the foundation for the rest of the unit. Answering and asking questions are vital in learning the material and will eventually help make studying easier.
In-class group projects can help much more than you think. Getting the hands-on experience of building a cell or practicing for a presentation makes you inevitably learn the material. By making an animal cell on a brownie, remembering the parts of a cell was to me a “piece of brownie”. The material learned through first-hand experiences actually sticks in your brain when the test comes.
The last thing you can do at school to ensure some degree of success in AP Biology is use class time effectively.…

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