Graduation Speech : A First Year Student Essay

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Kanza Jafri
UNIV 1231.42
UNIV 1231 FINAL EXAM As a first year student in my first semester in a university I’m so glad I took this class. Not only did I learn things to help throughout my school year, but also in my future in the real world. Professor Buggs did an amazing job at teaching and communicating with us on a level where we could understand, and be relatable. This was a year full of change and with so much going on it was nice being in a class where I could relate to others and also meet new people. And I learned many things that I can take away from this class on how to do well in college, learn how to deal with the real world, and fixing habits to better myself.

The most relatable and the path to lead me to succeed while my doing my Bachelors were some things I learned in this class. I learned the different ways to obtain information and my study styles that will help me with my skills to excel in school. As a visual person I can see myself learning things by looking at them and some aid are drawings, watching helpful videos, and creating flashcards to help me retain the information I need to do well in a class. Along with this I learned the significance of how plagiarism is taken at the college level. That if you paraphrase you still need in text citations, and if it’s not your work you can’t take credit for it without giving it to their respected authors. And if you get caught you’re academic probation from the University, and everything counts.…

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