Graduate Programs Comparison Essay

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Honors or achievements which you have not listed elsewhere

b. Cultural, racial, religious, sexual orientation, or family history of perceived importance in determining your interest in professional Clinical Psychology

c. Physical disabilities

d. College or employment activities relevant to professional psychology

e. Previous publications or convention presentations in psychology, etc.

f. Any other information you deem interesting or relevant about you!

vi. Letters of Recommendation

A minimum of three letters of recommendation are required. All letters must be submitted through the online application portal. Do not send paper copies.

vii. A curriculum vita listing educational and professional experiences and accomplishments.

2. For each requirement indicate whether you have the necessary skill or experience or need the skill?

I have all the required documents listed above with all the scorecards and other achievement certificates. Letter of recommendation can be made anytime online as no paperwork is asked explicitly. I have prepared a personal statement which describes my interest areas in clinical psychology.

3. For each skill that is needed indicate steps you would take to satisfy the admission requirement.

v. I would specify research experiences, including a description of the research and my involvement in the research.

vi. How my research experiences have shaped my research interests.

vii. My research
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