Essay on Grade Point Average : Grade Points Average

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Grade Point Average I collected data from seventy-four Thiel College students. The survey asks for class year, grade point average, and hours spent studying. The grade point average that was collected was based off of students Fall 2014 cumulative grade point average. The goal of collecting the data was to see if the independent variables, hours spent studying and class year, would accurately predict the dependent variable, which is grade point average. The goal of this project was to see if student’s grade point average went up as the amount of studying time and the class year went up. I hypothesized that the more time spent studying, the higher the grade point average. Also, I wanted to see the correlation between GPA and the hours spent studying. It would be expected that the more hours spent studying would result in a higher GPA, and the less amount of hours spent would result in a lower GPA.
When I performed the regression analysis on the data that I collected, I was given the equation: y ̂=1.98+ 0.019x_1,0.089x_2,0 .090x_3,+ 0.495x_4- .0210x_4 x_4 . The variables x_1,〖 x〗_2,〖 x〗_3 are setup as my dummy variables. They are specify if the student is a sophomore (x_1), junior (x_2), a senior (x_3) , or a freshman, which is the base term. The base term coefficient is absorbed into the y-intercept or β_0. From the equation, the coefficients are .019, .089, and .090 respectively. This can be interrupted as the longer the student is in college has a positive…

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