Grade Inflation

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The United States’ education system is ranked seventeenth in the world (Gayathri). At all levels of education, from elementary school through university, grade inflation exists: too many students get too many A’s. I am not saying that no student should get A’s, but students have started to expect A’s, thinking a B is somehow “bad,” even though, in reality, a C is supposed to be average. In a nation where everyone is special and participation trophies are handed out like candy on Halloween, students see C’s as terrible failures, B’s as poor scores, and A’s as the only acceptable grades. This causes a deterioration of the learning environment, because school becomes focused solely on grades while both leaving students behind and allowing other …show more content…
Where grades remove competition, admissions’ standards are becoming increasingly competitive. Due to the competitiveness, some students argue that “bad” grades diminish their chances to be able to continue school. For this reason, some professors and teachers give inflated grades because they do not want to impede their students. Certainly admissions are becoming increasingly competitive, and I believe this is in part due to grade inflation. If everyone has A’s, it is impossible to distinguish the students who deserve admission from those who are average. Institutions must then focus on all the other parts of applications, which might not accurately reflect a student’s aptitude. Many people are “resume builders” and have participated briefly in a wide variety of extracurricular activities for the sole purpose of putting them on an application. Other students, who may actually be better in the classroom, may not have had time to build their resume or may have chosen to be involved only with extracurricular activities about which they are truly passionate rather than joining activities for how they look to admissions boards. Grade inflation causes problems from admissions boards, because they might choose the student who was given A’s rather than a student who deserved A’s. With grade inflation, nobody can stand out due to their grades, so students are forced to try to find other ways to distinguish themselves from the crowd. The argument that we should be given better grades to help our chances of admissions is unreasonable, because it actually decreases the value of your grades and forces admissions to make more potentially inaccurate decisions on

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