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Spring 2015 Dr. John Martin
Office Hrs. T, 4-6pm, and by Appt. Email:

Course Description: This course is designed to explore in-depth the basic principles, concepts and traditions of American Political Thought. The course will proceed historically, covering material from the founding of the country to more recent controversies associated with the New Deal/The Great Society. Emphasis will be placed upon a variety of theoretical positions concerning such concepts as rights, representation, and the appropriate structure and scope of the government. Required Readings: Political Thought in America (2nd Edition), by M. Levy. 978-0-88133-688-7 (Paper)
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Other Course Policies:
Academic Dishonesty: University rules and policies are clearly articulated – you are responsible for knowing what they are and behaving accordingly! Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated, and will entail serious consequences.
Special Accommodations: If you have a learning condition that requires a special accommodation – either for the classroom procedures or for taking exams, a) such a condition must be documented through the procedures of the Office of Disability Services and b) must be communicated to me at the earliest possible time.

Behavior: You are expected to conduct yourself in such a manner as will contribute to the best learning environment for everyone – not just for yourself, nor simply your interpretation of what others want or need. You should arrive on time, and not leave early. You should refrain from conversation and other distracting behavior (including the use of electronic devices) while class is being conducted. As the discussion of politics can, at times, get heated, you should refrain from disparaging and/or insulting remarks about someone else’s opinion or point of view.

Incomplete Grades and Make-up Exams: Incomplete grades and make-up exams are given only at the discretion of the instructor and when it is impossible for a student to complete the course requirement(s). Such instances require clearly documented evidence and a specific plan to complete outstanding work.


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