Gothic Literature : Female Gothic Essay

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Gothic literature is a type of literature that was at its peak during the fifth to fifteenth century. It is described as a dark literature most famous for its swamps, forests, castles, and the presence of the supernatural involving horror. Female gothic is simply gothic literature written by females that express female independence and the fear of male dominance, marriage, and the traditional role of being a submissive woman. The stories written by female gothic authors include frightful situations that include things such as monsters, mistreated female characters, and what happens to women when they become dominated by men. (1) Some of the most famous and known female gothic authors are Mary Shelley, Ann Radcliffe, and Charlotte Bronte. All of these authors have written dark stories to contribute to the feminist movement, pulling from their own personal life, their own experiences and also showing their thoughts on what should be done and what could also happen if a woman gives herself to a man or continuing to be apart of what traditional women are expected to be. One of the best known gothic female authors is Mary Shelley. Mary Shelley was best known for her novel Frankenstein. In her novel, a monster was created by a man named Victor Frankenstein who was meant to bring to life the monster that terrorizes you in your dreams, which explains why her novel was categorized as gothic literature. Mary Shelley was also a part of the beginning of the feminist movement because…

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