Google Inc. 's Mission Statement Essays

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Introduction Google Inc. has over the years earned a positive reputation with regards its accomplishment as well as its leadership technique. Founded by Larry Page as well as Sergey Brin, the company has grown to become a source of information for millions across the world. Google was developed by Page and Brin back in Stanford University when they created a search engine referred as BackRub to trace various personal pages. Its success has largely been associated with an innovative business technique that attracts clients whilst maintaining a progressive income. The discussion considers the mission and visions of Google, leadership style and organizational culture that has helped the company to prosper.
Google’s Mission Statement
The mission and goal of Google is linked to its business strategy. The mission statement asserts that the company intends to convey information that is globally accessible to the users and can be used by the clients. Its mission statement is executed through its innovative projects such as Chrome, Gmail, and You Tube and striving to gain access of new markets for instance Africa. For a company to gain access to new markets there are several risks involved that Google has always been willing to take with the aim of achieving its mission. It creates several crank projects that unlike other external observers, it believes the projects would soon results to impressive revenue for the company as noted by Steiber (2014). The company’s information…

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