Google Chromecast Case Study

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Repairs/Service and Customer Satisfaction
Apart from the support services above, users of Google Chromecast can also contact the customer support desk for assistance on any product issue. This will form the basis for establishing a strong relationship with the Google brand. For the marketing purposes of Google, this strong customer relationship will form the basis for successful business into the future.
With the excitement of purchasing a new product, such as the Google Chromecast, comes the expectation of the new device to work properly as according to the instructions. What happens though when your brand-new product does not work the way it should? What are your first thoughts when you open a newly packaged product and it does not work?
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First, the customers will expect to have support in the installation or setting up Google Chromecast. Being a new product means that most of the customers will not be aware of how to install or set up the product to start using it. Therefore, the company will provide a user-guide as part of the support services to help customers in the installation/setting up process. Second, customers will expect to have support services for repairing their product in case the need arises. Google Chromecast is designed to provide customers with maximum utility value by not suffering unnecessary errors or problems. Therefore, based on the product warranty that will come with the purchase of the product, Google will provide repair services in case of need. However, this will only be based on ensuring that the terms of the product warranty are met. Rival companies that are offering rival products such as Apple Inc. are also offering similar support services to their customers. For example, customers that purchase Apple TV can visit the dedicated website for Apple TV Support where they can get support services and help on various issues including getting started and using the product (Apple Inc., 2016). Thanks to this dedicated website, Apple enjoys higher levels of customer satisfaction and …show more content…
There are not any suggestions for change in the pricing of the product. Google Chromecast made the right decisions in pricing the product at $35. Apple TV is between $149-$199 dollars ( When thinking about introducing Google Chromecast there are 6 steps that should have been reviewed prior to making their decision. Kotler & Keller (2016) discuss 6 steps when setting the price of a product. The 6 steps are: Selecting the pricing objective, determining demand, estimating costs, analyzing competitor’s costs, prices, and offers, selecting a pricing method, and selecting the final price. The 6 steps help to cover every portion of pricing to make sure that the firm is making the best decision. Google Chromecast also took to put the product on the market at other firms. Value players, such as Aldi, E*TRADE Financial, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, Target, and Walmart, are transforming the way consumers of nearly every age and income level purchase groceries, apparel, airline tickets, financial services, and other goods and services (Kotler & Keller, 2016). Google Chromecast sells its product in Target, Walmart and online (Amazon, EBay,

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