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Business environment (MGT-511)
‘Google Chrome’
Can it shake the dominant position of Microsoft in the web browser industry. Submitted to- Submitted by-
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I hereby thankful to my guide & Professor Vishwas Chakranarayan whose kind words and guidance helped me throughout this report, the work that have been put in this report would not have been possible without his guidance and support. Then I
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There is an Omni box which functions like
Microsoft Windows Vista’s search box in the start menu. Address bar can merge in this browser. It has better security system on one click. There is the tab which is the smallest unit of it. Each tab is independent there as well as restricted to process, which runs by itself and also stops working by itself in case of slow server. There is a task manager, which shows about the sites those are consuming most memory and resources. Google Chrome supports the “Netscape plug in application programming interface” shortly known as
NPAPI. We may also run other internet apps like Gmail and Google Calendar in separate windows without any address bars . It is more able to phishing and malware protection. Google Chrome automatically allocate each the tabs to fit into its own process to
"prevent from malware from installing any application from the browser itself." These were the basic features of Google Chrome and which are the reasons of betterment of its performance. It may also give a tight competition to its competitors. As it is already told that in today Google Chrome is at the top in the internet world, and after all there is a perfect difference that has made Google chrome special from others. Only by the means of its differentiation from others has attracted

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