Essay about Google Analytics 101 For New Business Owners

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Google Analytics 101 for New Business Owners – Part 2
Note: This is the second part of a series of two articles about Google Analytics 101 for new business owners.
Important reports
Google Analytics is a robust and resourceful tool in that it not only collects data but also analyzes the data and presents the information in the form of meaningful, useful reports. You can generate a number of custom-tailored reports, such as audience overview report, acquisition report, visitor behavior report, landing page report, active user report, and conversion report. Each of these reporting categories has sub categories that give you the option to see different metric-based reports.
Audience overview report
The audience overview report shows you crucial information about your website visitors. It lets you view the number of people who visited your website, the time and day of their visit to your site, the countries and cities they originated from, their demographics like age and gender, their interests and behavior information, and the technologies they used to land on your website, in addition to a host of other key data and information.
Acquisition report
The acquisition report lets you see the source of your website traffic. Whether your website visitors came from the search engines (organic and paid search), or whether they came directly, through referral, from social media, from email campaign, from other pages on your site, or any other source, the acquisition report will show…

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