Good Faith Is A Wonderful Book By Gabe Lyons And David Kinnaman

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Good Faith is a wonderful book written by Gabe Lyons and David Kinnaman. This book is essentially a guide on how to live out our faith the best way humanly possible. The tactics shown in this book are not only things that will impact our lives as Christians in a positive manner, but also everyone around us. Good Faith taught me how to continue to grow in my relationships with non-believers, and also gave me some tips for troubling times I may experience in the future as a parent concerning controversial topics. My best friend of the last five years, Curtis, confessed to me in eighth grade that he thinks he is homosexual. I have always struggled with this because I so badly would like him to come to know Jesus, and I feel like I’ve done everything possible to make him become a Christian. If you read that sentence the way I intended you to, you saw that it says I tried to “make” him become a Christian. Over the past few years I have been trying to grasp this idea that you can’t make someone love Jesus; it has to be a personal choice.
This book really helped me understand that a little bit more. For example, on page 116 there is a letter that Gabe wrote to his 5th grade son, Pierce. This letter was specifically about homosexuality, but there is one part that can apply to any situation. It says “Now, when you hear people say their opinions-even if you disagree with them-you must always respect them…”. Whenever I was trying to force Curtis into Christianity I would disrespect…

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