Ryan Fritas

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The social assessment report is on Ryan Fritas, whom has three different degrees of separation which are sex, race, and sexual orientation. Ryan was born on September 21, 1998 in Santa Clara California. His race is irish, german, dutch, and french which he just sees as white. Growing up his religion was determineed by one aspect of his life, and that was being gay. He at first said that he would claim to be atheist, but as I asked more he figured out he believed in science. Ryan is in a relationship with his partner, but is not married this making his marital status single. Ryan is the middle child of two other boys by the name of Eric, and Manny. Manny has a different father from Eric and himself, and is half Mexican. Along with his two …show more content…
One of his best friends by the name of Sernia has stood by his side for two, and a half years. Along with Alexandro which he has known since fourth grade, and Alex he has known for one year. All these friends have stood by Ryan through thick and thin, and has helped him feel more comfortable with coming out to the world. His mother would be his other significant relationship, and he said that she is his favorite person in the world. He did not mention his mother right away, but later on he said that his mother is the most important person in his life. That she deserved to be in the significant relationship part of my essay. Ryan’s mother understood that her son was gay even at a young age. Ryan was into more girly things, and did things that were seen as “girly”. His mother never questioned him, and brought him the clothes he wanted, and toys he wanted despite gender norms. For that he always held a strong connection to his mother for understanding the true …show more content…
He many people said God hates gay people he thought God hated him, so he strayed away from religion. He has no denominations, and no involvement with the church since he was thirteen years old. The church membership was forced on him by his dad, and step-mother that wanted him baptized for their wedding. Ryan thought that was unfair because he did not believe in religion, and the only reason he was being told to do this is because his step-mother wanted it. As a teenager he was outraged, and he fought back the way only a teenager can. He acted up in his Sunday school classes, and gave the teacher a really hard time. Now he sees that he was being unfair, and that it was not the teachers fault. Yet, he did learn something valuable from the whole experience. He may not believe in God, but he believes that there is a higher power out there. He prays to someone yet he has no idea who it is. He believes there is a Heaven, Hell, and the idea of ghost, and demons. He also has a special observance about how the the bible started. He believes that it was a fictional book, and that people just took it out of hand! Lastly, he said he never really had any prior contact with helping agencies, but he wish he could have. Growing up gay he always wanted someone to talk to, but he thought coupling serives were for crazy people. The only time he attended counseling was when the school

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