Good Clinical Practices Are Not Enough For Guarantee Successful Pregnancies

1350 Words May 31st, 2016 6 Pages
Good clinical practices are not enough to guarantee successful pregnancies. A variety of factors out of the nurses’ control affect the mother and her baby. Those factors include the stability of the family, the support friends and loved ones give the mother, the risk level for depression, and the capacity to adjust and adapt to the unpredictability inherent in medical care.
However, nurses control many important factors in maternity care. This paper begins with a fundamental point. In the specialist’s practice or the fast-paced maternity unit, the nurse’s goal is to provide care that is patient focused and highly competent so that the pregnancy results in good health for the mother and baby. With that as the foundation, this paper argues that, in addition to skilled medical care, nurses must use the tools of team building and relationship development. Excellent clinical practice is the first step to guarantee good patient health. Second, nurses should promote an open discussion between patients and providers. Seeing the holistic nature of maternity and postpartum care, nurses ought to learn to assess family dynamics, and to identify how to relieve stresses and strengthen family contributions to support healthy mothers and babies. To succeed, nurses must see that they are trusted and valued members of the medical team. Therefore, finally, nurses must take the lead in providing coordinated, team-oriented care based on continuity through clear communication.

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