Case Studies On Teenage Pregnancy

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Teenage Pregnancy. The Issues.

Teenage pregnancy is a widely discussed topic with many different and completely opposite points of view. Ranging from great positives and support and encouragement for the teens undergoing this huge change in their lives and bitter disappointment and down look at teenagers who this has happened to.

Due to the dramatic increase and decreases that have been happening these past few years, this subject clearly needs to be discussed in more detail.

There are many causes and reasons why pregnancy at a young age is becoming more of a rising subject in the UK. One of the reasons why young adults are having children at a younger age is due to them thinking that they are in a stable relationship and want to start
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An example of this is when she had to break the news to her parents as she did not know how they would react to the news of something so life changing. As this case study shows “I was so scared that they were going to kick me out. I had no job, no car, and nowhere to go if they kicked me out.” This outline one of the fundamental issues with teenage pregnancy issues as people 's children who feel like they cannot turn to the parents for help. There are many similar stories of teenage girls who have undergone the same experiences with their family and friends and …show more content…
These issues at school and at home put a huge amount of pressure on the families and the mother and the father and could result in the two buckling under the stress. I believe In the UK the families need to do more to help and carry the young couples through such a dramatic and life changing event.

One outstanding point I think is massively overlooked is the amazing and magical benefits that some of the general public overlooks with having and raising a child at a younger age than normal parents. I believe that this is a huge and life effecting point for the children that are growing up with young parents.
One very obvious fact is that being younger than normal parents the whole family can enjoy and spend time together doing activities that might not be possible at an older age.
More importantly, it is very clear that with younger parents they will have more time to share with their children as they grow older and for those that already have children I am sure that you would like to spend the most time you can with your children. For example, if you have a child at 15 by the time you are 30 your child will only be 15 years of

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