Essay on God 's Attributes Of God

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God’s attributes are eternal (P19) His features, also known as attributes, would be absurd that they can end or expire or also commence to anything else other than God’s own purposes. (P20) says God’s existence and his essence are on and the same, which the same attributes of God would better explain why God’s eternal essence at the same time of his existence, to be precise, that itself which starts God’s spirit at the same time institutes his presence. God is neither an existing thing nor an essence but a perfect combination of the two, acting upon either as it sees necessary/voluntarily. All the things which follow from the absolute nature of any of God’s attributes have always had to exist and be infinite, or are, through the same attribute, eternal and infinite (P21). That which the intellect knows of must stem from God’s attributes and be both eternal and infinite. Whatever follows from some attribute of God insofar as it is modified by a modification which, through the same attribute, exists necessarily and is infinite, must also exist necessarily and be infinite (P22,). Whatever is adapted must occur and be as endless as the attribute that altered the thing, so every mode which happens essentially and is vast has necessarily had to monitor both from the outright nature of some attribute of God, or some power, reformed by an adjustment which subsists necessarily and is infinite (P23, Spinoza 18). Whatever exists and is infinite must come from some attribute of God or…

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