God, Son, And Holy Spirit, By Gregory Of Nazianzus Essay

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While there are many theologians who view God as one and the first mode of being due to His role as creator, God is also three in hypostasis or person. The correct description of the plurality or threeness of the Trinity can best be explained in the following depiction: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are truly distinct from one another because of their relationship with one another; however, they are entirely God due to sharing the same essence. This suggests that the threeness of God can be found in the Eternal Processions or relations between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as indicated by Gregory of Nazianzus. While each created thing is made up of a substance or ousia, each relation of the Trinity is a divine person of the same substance or homousious. Gregory of Nazianzus argues that, “The Father is not a name of substance nor of an action, but that the Father is the name of the relation in which the Father is to the Son or the Son to the Father.” Gregory is implying that the Father is the Father because of the relationship He has to the Son and the Son is the Son due to His relationship to the Father. This can be further explained by the doctrine of the Eternal Processions via ad intra or within the Trinity, indicating that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are each fully God and yet truly distinct.
In order to further understand the plurality of the Trinity, it is vital that one comprehends how the Holy Spirit and the Son, the other persons of the…

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