Essay on God Can Never Be Rendered As The Cause Of Evil

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Journal 2 God can never be rendered as the cause of evil, as “one who does not love does not know God, for God is love” (1 John 4:8). Humans are the cause of all evil. Bishop Barron states, since God is straight, pure love, “God cannot directly will something wicked. The second thing is that God is described as being itself therefore God cannot ground or cause the non-being which is evil” (Fr. Robert Barron on God, Tsunamis, and the Problem of Evil). Evil exists in our world today because of a misuse of the free will. What is evil? Frist, evil is not a sort of knowledge. Evil, described as a sort of entity acting against the good, does not exist. Much like darkness is not opposite to light but rather a lack of it, so evil is just another word that means the lack of good itself. God did not in fact create evil, as evil is not an entity. Evil is a deficiency of a thought, happening or action that lacks in itself good. One may think of evil as the shortcoming or inadequacy of the greater good (the strive for all things eternal). The act of doing evil, according of Augustine, is the free choice to go against God’s will, and to strive for what is temporal rather than eternal. It is also important to note that nothing that physically exists is evil in itself, because of the mere fact that God created it, and is therefore perfect in its entirety. Evil is an action or choice caused by the will of the understanding and reasoning human being. For example a knife can…

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