God And Generals Portrayal Of Civil War Essay

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God’s and Generals depiction of Civil War
On November 19, 1863 President Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address after the ending of the Gettysburg War, which ended the Civil War as a whole. It can be said that the Civil War erupted due to the disagreement between states as it relates to slavery. The Gettysburg War was fought between the Union (the North) and the Confederates (the South). The Union wanted to do away with slavery and let African Americans have choices on where, how, and who they worked for while the confederates were content with slavery. The confederates even tried to argue that slaves had better lives living in America than in their native land Africa. After three long days of battle the Union prevailed defeating the Confederates
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Jackson was given the nickname Stonewall because in the First Battle of Manassas/Bull Run he and his line of men stood as firm as a Stonewall. The movie opens up with General Robert E. Lee being asked by one of Lincolns trustees to side with the Union by becoming command of all the Union forces, while the state of Virginia was in secession on three things 1.) Slavery, 2.) Whether to go to war, and 3.) Whether to leave the Union. Lee declined Lincoln’s offer, although he loved his country he loved his state even more. The film seems to be pretty accurate in this …show more content…
He was all too sure that his plan would work on the count of the Union Major General Ambrose E. Burnside not being as clever as he was when it came too strategizing plans to take down his opponent. General James Longstreet was not sure that Lee’s plan would work for many reasons. On the other hand, Lee’s Confederate Army was on a winning streak of battles so everyone agreed with his strategy to invade the north. Lee was a very smart man when it came to battle and war so this part of the movie is accurate.
It’s said that Lee’s plan worked to invade Maryland went off without a hitch! He told General Jackson to gather the troops and prepare for the invasion. The Union Army was both unprepared and outnumbered. Their strategy was nothing more and nothing less of what Lee knew it would turn out to be. He knew exactly what the Union Army would do when it came to battle. The confederates concurred the battle as they did many others.
After the battle in Maryland General Thomas Stonewall Jackson is given another promotion as well as a distinctive

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