Goal Statement Essay example

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Goldie Christine Hieneman
Instructor, Adult Learning Center
Masters of Science in Education
Goal Statement

My goal as an educator is to receive a Master of Science in Education with a Concentration in Inclusion Education. Even though I do not hold an undergraduate degree in Education, this is where my life path has taken me. Being an educator without an education degree has taught me how to help students learn by thinking outside the box. I currently have a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Communication. I am an Instructor. I am knowledgeable in areas of training using effective communication skills. I am able to explain to others the process and steps it takes to produce a positive outcome.
I am entering my 9th year as a GED
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Many adults have passed the GED test without mastering their fractions; however, quitting guarantees a negative outcome.
I personally feel that Inclusive Education is exactly what I’ve been looking for. My students are all on different educational levels, ages, and concentrating in different subject areas. Within the classroom it is extremely beneficial to utilize the world of technology, as well as, unique instructional methods. Personally, I am continuously learning new uses of IPads, SmartPhones, IPhones and the convenience of education apps. Demonstrating how to use these to our advantage equips adult learners with the technological skills that are necessary to succeed in the 21st Century. Recently we purchased a Promethean Board for classroom use. This has not only kept myself up to date in the technology field, but has created an engaging classroom where each student is able to connect and participate in pro-active education. Not only do I teach in a classroom setting, I also facilitate an online class for working adults who cannot fit class time within their daily schedule. Collaborating new technology within our daily lives has proven to not only be very entertaining but also efficient. There are many tools in our immediate surrounding world that encompasses the opportunity for learning, if only we are open to utilize them.
I feel as though I have a great capacity to succeed in online learning classes. I have direct access to many

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