Gmo : The Argument Against Labeling Essay

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GMO Labeling- The Argument against Labeling
The labeling of Genetically Modified Organism is nearly as controversial as GMO’s themselves. Well-intentioned consumer groups have lobbied to have GMO products labeled to protect consumers. These groups argue that GMO’s may have the potential to be dangerous and should be labeled. Those that advise against labeling, industry, academics, and regulatory bodies sight the complexities and cost of labels that do not improve safety. Mankind has been modifying crops and animals for thousands of years with great success to fed growing populations. Crossbreeding has improved our food sources and our health by developing more nutritious and safer versions of the food we eat. Mankind has been splicing and altering genes since the dawn of civilization. With advances in science, we are now able to do that splicing with exact precision and GMO’s are the state of the art in crossbreeding. Mandating labeling for every new advance in processing would be overwhelming. It would be impractical for farmers to document on a label how they raised cows or grew alfalfa. And it would certainly be unfair to single out one group of farmers because they used one or two different steps in a process. Before we mandate labeling of GMO’s, we should examine the reasons why that is a bad idea.
Consumer groups are absolutely right in demanding that food additives should be tested and labeled if there are concerns. For example, adding peanuts present an allergy risk…

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