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Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI) Survey

My organization is in the retail industry. Presently, I am employed as a sales staff at one of the most popular high-end children’s department store. This store is known for its low cost name brand children’s apparel and school uniform. My organization is a franchise and has various locations through out the borough of New York that is in Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens. The owners are three brothers so it is family operated. My organization has three department floors. The babies department is on the 1st floor, girls department is on the 2nd floor and the boys department is on the 3rd floor. I am working on the third floor (Boys department). The functions of my organization
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Customers are very loyal because most times I see the same customers. My organization caters and targets all class of customers. We are known as a cost leader and operate like a Wal-Mart. The company already identifies a brand name for itself in the retail industry and has to do everything in its best interest to maintain the organization culture especially in this competitive market. As you read this paper, You will get a feed back of my organization’s culture and the gap that needs to be close so the organization can maintain its standard and work in the best interest of its employees and customers.
Current Culture
Its imperative for organization to ensure they have the right balance of organizational culture incorporated in their organization. People are different and share different perception. Over time members’ personalities are integrated in organizations and has a significant impact on the organization culture. There are three types of cultural styles. These are constructive styles, passive/defensive style and aggressive/defensive style. Any organization culture influence employees’ behavior and thus may reflect in the quality of work and performance they provide. As defined, Organizational culture is. “ System of shared actions, values and beliefs that develop within an organization and guide the behavior of its members. In today’s workforce organization can either posses a weak or strong culture.

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