Glory Of God Research Paper

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Imagine the power of darkness taking over our homes, schools and communities at an overwhelming rate. This is exactly what is happening today. Millions of believers are unprepared to confront this prevailing influence. Believers appear to be hiding behind the four walls of the church. This must change quickly if the power of God's kingdom is going to be established in the earth. And this transformation toward godliness must begin now instead of later. The disengagement of the modern day church against the onslaught of Satan's kingdom in society should be sobering alarm for the people of God.

Glory of God

Demonstrating the glory of God on earth is the first priority of every that believes in God's supernatural power. God's glory, which includes showing a pattern of uncommon love toward our neighbors, healing the sick, mending the hearts of those in despair, casting out evil spirits and raising the dead, must become normal occurrences in the earth. All believers must become saints of the supernatural, displaying miracles on a daily
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No matter how bad things may appear in the world, the power of God, which is a creative power, can put a stop to the most formidable forces of darkness. The very thought of these forces challenging God are laughable. This fact is what must be demonstrated in the world. Moses, for example, faced one of the most frightening situations in the bible: the approach of Pharaoh mighty army from behind and a furious sea that blocked him and his people from crossing to the other side. But this situation between a rock and a hard place was nothing for God to resolves, which He did, by supernaturally dividing the sea and allowing Moses and the people to cross. As with Moses, so is God with us in this present day and age. God is looking for those believers who are willing to demonstrate His supernatural power so that they who see and believe will have hope in a new

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