There Is No Glory In War Analysis

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Glory and War There are numerous of reasons why men and women decide to join the military. From the brotherhoods that are made, the leadership skills, traveling the world, or even as a road to college, joining the military provides a plethora of options to choose for your life. But for the reason of wanting the thirst for war and wanting to go into battle should not be the reason for joining the army. The theme “there is no glory in war”, is portrayed in All Quiet on the Western Front by the acts of lying to the youth, forcing soldiers to change into animals, and showing the cruelty of losing a comrade. From the perspective of Paul and his classmates, joining the army seemed like the best decision. Though some of the students, like Joseph Behm, seemed nervous and not to eager to join his persuaded classmates, he to eventually confirmed out of the fear of being a coward. These unfortunate events are to be blamed on their ignorant teacher Kantorek. With his lacking knowledge of actual war, Kantorek simply says, “Won’t you join up, Comrades?” and makes it incredibly challenging for his class to refuse his offer …show more content…
After signing the “Treaty of Versailles”, all of the world realized the mistake of extending the war for four years. With Europe’s economy crippled, inflation across Germany, and even the spread of Influenza thanks to the millions of troops still traveling home, nothing could worsen the current status of Europe and Germany; then the death count was known ( Over the course of fighting, “Over 9 million military personnel died...and over 7 million men were left permanently disabled” ( It is disappointing for nations to understand the lack of glory in war by hearing the cries of broken-hearted families

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