Gloomy Castle Creative Writing

The Gloomy Castle

We walked in and discovered a piece paper hanging on the wall that read, "YOU HAVE BEEN SUMMONED TO THE CASTLE OF DOOM..... A SERIES OF ANIMALS AWAIT YOU......... SURVIVE AND WALK FREELY, OTHERWISE..... YOU WILL NEVER SEE LIFE EVER AGAIN." "What do we do?" John asked. "Let's just fight the animals and see what challenge awaits us," I stated. As we continued to walk, we found a tiny brown ant lying on the ground. "This will be straightfoward," John screams. As soon as he said that, a mob of ants filled the halls and began to suffocate us. Suddenly, the ants turned angry and started to bite us. Later, a giant ant who was presumed to be the queen ant, came out and started commanding the ants to bite all of us. "Fritz, are
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After hours of work, we finally got enough spider webs to combine together to make a giant ball to throw at the spiders. "Who wants to throw it?" I asked. "I do," Fritz replied. He took the web, and with one big mighty fearless throw, it hit the spiders perfectly as they rolled to the corner. With enough space to walk out of the room, we quickly ran to the door and went on to the challenge that awaited us. HISS! CHOMP! Snakes filled the room. One snake in particular, wrapped around my leg and started to bite. "OW!" I screamed. In the corner, I spotted a box. It read, "I WILL GIVE YOU A KNIFE TO HELP YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY! JUST OPEN THIS BOX AND YOU WILL FIND A KNIFE TO HELP YOU GET OUT!" I opened the box, a split second later, CHOMP! Blood filled my nose and face. My nose and eye stung like crazy. When I was able to see what had happened, I saw a snake inside the box that was offering me a knife and saw a sign behind the snake that read, "HAHA! YOU FELL FOR MY TRAP!" "Kennedy, are you okay?" Fritz asked. "Yeah, I'm fine. By the way box, haha very fun to you." I …show more content…
HISS! I grabbed my knife and fearlessly cut the head off the snake. Hours later, we finally killed all the snakes. We ran to the next room to see what was next to face us. As we walked in, we saw a sign that said, "Welcome to the final stage of the Castle of Doom. What awaits you will be guarenteed to perish you all." A giant dragon appeared. "What do we do?" Fritz asked. "Hm.. Maybe we can combine all the materials we used in all of the other stations to create some sort of knife to kill this beast," I announced. We took the water from the ants, the web from the spiders, and the knife from the snakes. We decided that the knives were a good idea so we ran back to the room with the snakes, broke more glass, and formed more knives. When we were finished, we combined all the knifes to form a sword. We decided that we could use the water to put out the fire that the dragon was breathing and we were going to use the web to make the dragon stop breathing. "Lets do this!" I shouted. I picked up the sword and took a giant swing at the dragon. POW! The dragon had a cut on his stomach. "ROAR!" The dragon shouted, "I WILL EAT YOU ALL!" With that said, the dragon picked up me and held me with his hand and squeezed me ready to eat

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