Huck Finn As A Dynamic Character Analysis

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Character Development
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is about a young boy, named Huck, who was raised by a race that thinks they are superior than others and were taught the same way. He did not have a mother and his father was never home, but when he was home he mistreated Huck. Due to the abuse from his father, Huck decided to run away from home, but Huck was not the only one that ran away.
Jim, a slave, ran away as well the same day that Huck day. Though Huck knew Jim before everything happened, he got to learn more about him while they traveled together and they became more than just a runaway slave and a white kid. Huck learned how to stand up for himself and others, he learned how to become dependent and do things his own ways. Throughout The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck becomes a dynamic character because he changed his view of society, relationship with Jim and is no longer impressionable. Huck changed in many more ways than people think, he may be only a kid now, but he will become a great adult.
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Huck only thought of himself when he did something he neverFor example, after Huck ran away and found Jim he did not think of the outcomes his actions would bring.
“I went to the cavern to get some, and found a rattlesnake in there. I killed him, and curled him up on the foot of Jim 's blanket, ever so natural, thinking there 'd be some fun when Jim found him there… Jim flung himself down on the blanket while I struck a light the snake 's mate was there, and bit

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