Globlization Essay

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Globalization is a very integrated and comprehensive topic that is in constant evolution. Scholars have stepped in to conduct studies and researches in relation to globalization so to shed light essential in comprehension. The impact of globalization is a motion that is endless. The supporters argue that globalization has brought economic prosperity in the world in many ways while opponents associate most of the adverse effects with globalization. This paper will outline the impact of globalization in the context with the international business. The information will be useful as it will highlight the issues that are closely related to globalization and identify the existing gaps. A valid conclusion will be drawn with the
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Foreign direct investment

Policies and technology evolution are responsible for the escalation of the foreign direct investment. Over the two decades, almost all the countries have engaged in the foreign direct investment due to the diplomatic and favorable policies that have been set globally. Despite the minimum effects that have been felt so far by the developing countries there are postulations that they are underway (Risse, 2005). The technology perspective is very essential in promotion of foreign direct investment in the world. This is because different countries are able to access all the relevant information about the processes of production practiced by the States that are economically stable.

This acts as a way of dissemination of information to the states that are not economically prosperous to ensure that they make informed decisions that will expand the economic gain. Further technology ensures that time and place utilities are emphasized in the world thereby increasing the value of the products due to the reduced operation costs that will make them more competitive. For example, region states in Asia are involved in partial processing of products while China specializes in the complete processing. China imports the partial goods from the regional states and exports the complete products to other countries like America, thereby ensuring economic prosperity in

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