Globalization Essay

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Globalisation and the Management of Indian Cities
Cities in Europe and North America have been through three decades of innovation in institutions and practices as they seek to accommodate the new environment of global economic integration. Many have learned to facilitate the creation of new economies that have institutionalised incremental change with a changing political consensus, liberating themselves in part from those rigidities that make for extreme vulnerability in conditions of crisis. The same is also true of cities in Latin America and in China. However, elsewhere – including possibly India – the sovereign state is often still struggling to retain its monopoly control. In doing so, the state stifles the full
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Globalisation suggests vaguely some increase in international interaction, although it is unclear why we should not continue to use instead the term internationalisation. A mere increase in international trade or capital flows (but perhaps, relatively, a decline in international migration) hardly justifies a new concept, particularly when we note that trade as a proportion of output or capital exports as a proportion of domestic savings for the developed countries is

still perhaps lower than in the period before the first world war [Hirst and Thompson 1999: Chapter 2]. Nor does the concept of multinational corporation seem particularly new, although we may not wish to place its origin, as do Moore and Lewis (1999), as far back as 2,000 BC. Political interactions internationally are at least as old as the nation state system – the English civil war roused the Protestants of Europe and of the American colonies in the 17th century; the American war of independence, roused the French and the British; the French Revolution, from 1789 to 1848, roused all of Europe and the US, and so on. Finally, the evidence that culture is now more international than the past is not very convincing – Italian styles were dominant in Elizabethan London; Paris was shaping world fashion in dress and food in the 18th and 19th centuries; Hollywood was shaping world morality

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