Essay on Globalization

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As a market globalist I believe that it is an idea that reflects on the concepts of globalization with neoliberal values and meaning. It is the most practical form of ideology in my opinion, as it is valuable to all countries around the world and it ensures a free-market. This in turn allows globalization to be more efficient while it also reinforces inequality. When we talk about globalization, there are numerous positive points that affect us globally. For example, stabilized security is a positive aspect that occurs due to globalization. When one countries economy is greatly dependent on another countries economy, it creates a bond between the two nations where there is a less chance of one of the countries attacking the other. …show more content…
Thanks to globalization, we get a much larger assortment of products available in our stores for considerably lower prices. Going further into the positive attributes of globalization, I believe that one of the most important factors of globalization in this day and age is the amount of diversity and cultural differences that globalization brings together. Globalization has allowed people from all over the world to interact with each other in many different ways; educationally, economically, in the work force, and particularly in inter-ethnic marriages. This is perhaps one of the biggest forms of globalization that allows cultures from all over the world to blend. Steger mentions that cultural globalization does not blend cultures, but instead becomes one of the same. Although some American trends may be spreading worldwide, I believe that with the massive amount of diversity and cultures in America and other countries, we are still a melting pot that can join together as one in our own different ways. We are not susceptible to become one of the same kind but rather our own individual in a consistent society. With the many cultures and religions, there is so much we can learn from one another. Originality is one of the most important features a person can possess, and I disagree with Steger’s comment about our culture becoming homogenized.

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