Essay on Globalization : What Is Globalization?

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Over the hundreds and thousand of years of history, humans have always been trying to collaborate and create a better life for themselves. All of these factors of human life eventually led to globalization. The big question is, what is Globalization? How did Globalization happen in the first place? The main causes of globalization were trade, exploration, timing, and religion. With all of these causes came effects, which were disease, conquest, global goods, and technological advancements.
Without the mixing of ideas, globalization wouldn 't be possible. Throughout history, there are tons of examples of trade. To start off, the first examples of trade began all the way at the beginning of the agricultural revolution around 10,000 years ago. As small villages grew they gained more resources which they traded with neighboring villages and societies. Even though they did trade, it wasn’t as big as later on because they didn’t need to travel far for things they didn 't have yet. However, as first and second wave civilizations came around, trade became more prominent. In first wave civilizations, there was lots of evidence that places like Egypt and Mesopotamia traded goods. The Indus Valley also had seals which were most likely to differ the different goods being traded (Page 104, Visual Source 12.1). After first wave civilizations, a new trading route sprung up, which most can agree stood out from all of them. This was the silk roads. One of the main causes for the silk roads…

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