Globalization: Local Cultures Essay

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Globalization has been expanding all over the world, yet the debate whether it is good or bad for the world is still being discussed today. Some says that globalization makes the world healthier, but some others insist that the world is worse because of globalization, and it could destroy the tradition values and cultures of other countries. This essay, however, argues that even though globalization has been expanding more and more, traditions, local values and cultures will not be eroded. First of all, new ideas from other countries which are obtained via globalization will enrich local cultures. Secondly, a large variety of product will be brought to other countries, which encourages product diversity. Lastly, people can enjoy many kinds …show more content…
Wasserstrom, J, 2003), baseball, Hollywood films, internet, and satellite television (Rice-Oxley, M, 2004). Thanks to these kinds of entertainment, people have opportunity to learn English because English is a major language in these entertainments. However, new entertainments only increase people’s option but not change their cultures. Hong Kong and Taipei, for example, are highly internationalized, but their cultures are highly maintained. 61.5 percent of people prefer watching local television series in Hong Kong. In terms of music, 49.4 percent of people in Taipei prefer Mandarin songs to Western songs, and that in Hong Kong is 67.6 percent. In addition, 55 percent of Taipei and Hong Kong residents prefer local lifestyle to Western lifestyle (Shin-Huang Michael Hsiao; Wan Po-San, 2006). Therefore, international entertainments do not affect local cultures. More importantly, the factor of local culture still plays an important role in society. For instance, in India 92 percent of television programs are domestically produced, and 99 percent of Indian viewers watch domestic programs. Similarly, low-budget films are still able to defeat American movies (Blakley, J, 2001).

In conclusion, it is possible to say that globalization makes the world better because countries in the world can borrow new ideas from each other, which will diversify local cultures. In addition, people will have more opportunities to access foreign-produced products that are

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