Globalization Is A Good Thing Essay

737 Words Nov 13th, 2014 3 Pages
Globalization has been seen, in recent years, as one of the best ways for a sectors, it comes through a period of transition that is many times filled with growing pains. The real question is whether this push for globalization is actually working. While the prevalent argument in today’s society is whether or not globalization is a good thing, the better question may be to understand if we truly are globalizing.
The discussion on globalization led first to an examination of the theory that globalization is a beneficial process and the world is successful accomplishing globalizing. The term globalization means something for many different people. The author of the article Globalization and Its Contents, Peter Marber, argues that globalization is any cross-border interaction in any field of study (Marber). If one were to use this simple definition, they would see that globalization is used all over the world today.
So globalization may have a presence on the global stage but does that mean it’s a success. Marber would argue that it is successful and that globalization is the cause for progression in many parts of the world (Marber). Globalization has allowed poor countries to become richer as wealthier countries can help them advance. One example of how poorer countries have advanced in recent years is the progression of their literacy rates. Undeveloped and developing countries, especially in Latin America and Eastern Europe have been able to improve their literacy rates…

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