The Golden Triangle Of British Imperialism

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It’s important to note that the idea of globalization is a false ideology that has little bearing on reality or rationality. While the idea of global unification or global commerce has been around in some form or another for millennia, it has generally been in hegemonic form. The “golden triangle” of British Imperialism, or notably the attempted unification of Europe and North Africa by the Roman Empire, preceded by Alexander “the Great” and his grand conquests, and followed by the Golden Horde of the Mongols who burned away half of the modern world of their time and reformed it in their image. The modern form of globalization came to fruition at the close of the Second World War. The view at the time was that a primary catalyst of both …show more content…
This was their home. Imagine if I were to kick in your front door, raid your fridge for any food that pleased me, then sit on your couch, remove my pants and make myself comfortable, while I hogged the controller to your television all night. If you were to protest, I would lock you in the bathroom (your own personal “native reservation”), or I might simply kill you to shut you …show more content…
But this is precisely my point. If that is the logic that propagandizes the continuity of this country, then you must admit that this country is a civilization that exists solely at the barrel of a gun. This is a “democratic representative republic,” which does not exist due to moral superiority, it exists solely on the basis of the threat of violence. This country relies on being the only supreme agent of violence. This civilization, this modern America, exists solely by pointing the tip of its spear at those who disagree with it, threatening them with violence and death, taking others’ things as would a highway robber, then claiming moral superiority, because, “Hey, I’ve been on your couch for, like, a weekend. You can’t expect me to give you back your living room now, can you? Indian giver.” And Black Lives Matters says, “Hey, you know, we like this whole system, here, and stuff, and we’ll let bygones be bygones, but maybe shoot our people a little less.” This movement insists on operating within the confines of the rules that its master has

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