Globalization Is A Gendered Phenomenon Essay

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Topic: Globalisation is a gendered phenomenon. Discuss the impacts of globalization on the lives of women in developing countries and how this might impact on transnational crime. Use Examples.

Globalisation is simply defined as a process of increasing interconnectedness between societies in such that events in one part of the world increasingly have effects on people and societies far away (Globalization and world politics textbook). According to HAWKESBURN, globalisation is a gendered phenomenon as it affects man and women differently in terms of socio economic changes that subsequently impacts on power relations. Whilst, globalisation comes into effect, some of its aspects facilitates transnational crime because it has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of globalization (isn). On that basis this paper will argue that globalization has had an absolute impact on the lives of women in developing countries whilst significantly impacting on the transnational crime.

TOPIC SENTENCE: Economic participation is a key factor that emphasizes globalisation has significantly improved the lives of women in the developing nation.
EXPLAIN: Decades ago, women’s have always been considered as being born with the burden and a norm of non monetized labour. In relation to gender aspects, women’s faced differentiation through unequal treatments, wage gaps and segregation (REFERENCE).
However, as the globalisation occured, norms were changed and new global economies were developed that…

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