Globalization In International Business

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Globalization is now the major way of doing business from country and it has an impact on decision-making processes of managers responsible for making interrelated decisions from country to country. Globalization is major tool in exploring the global decision-making processes for global managers as we all that these manager will have to deal the multination companies before we look in detail let’s look at management systems where viewed by different writers “Early management theorists developed principles for managing organizations that suited the times. A century ago, few workers were highly educated; most work was manual, tasks were repetitive, and rates of change were slow. Hierarchy brought unity and control, and principles of management …show more content…
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As the economy grows slowly at home, your business may have to look at selling internationally to remain profitable. Before examining foreign markets, you have to be aware of the major trends in international business so you can take advantage of those that might favor your company. International markets are evolving rapidly, and you can take advantage of the changing environment to create a niche for your company.

Growing Emerging Markets

Developing countries will see the highest economic growth as they come closer to the standards of living of the developed world. If you want your business to grow rapidly, consider selling into one of these emerging markets. Language, financial stability, economic system and local cultural factors can influence which markets you should favor.

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As pricing and quality information become available across all markets, businesses will lose pricing power, especially the power to set different prices in different markets.

Increased Competition

As more businesses enter international markets, Western companies will see increased competition. Because companies based in developing markets often have lower labor costs, the challenge for Western firms is to keep ahead with faster and more effective innovation as well as a high degree of automation.

Slower Growth

The motor of rapid growth has been the Western economies and the largest of the emerging markets, such as China and Brazil. Western economies are stagnating, and emerging market growth has slowed, so economic growth over the next several years will be slower. International businesses must plan for profitability in the face of more slowly growing demand.


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