Globalization Has A Huge Impact On Our Life Essay

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As a child, globalization can have a huge impact on your life. Globalization can make teaching in the classroom difficult due to the fact you as the teacher don’t know your students past. Globalization has become a catchphrase to refer to both the process and consequence of shrinking distances between places on this plant (e.g., Friedman, 2005) (reference Zhao, 2010). As teachers, it’s our jobs to create an environment where students feel safety and where they feel comfortable at. No matter what’s the circumstances are. Many immigrant students move around due to work, meaning that the child must jump start a new life when they move to a new place. This can cause many challenges for a child especially one who don’t speak English. According to Zhao, to meet these challenges, schools need teachers who understand the implications of globalization, can effectively work with the increasingly culturally and linguistically diverse student population, and deliver a globally oriented curriculum (Zhao, 2010, p. 426).
As teachers, we need to keep an open minded when new students come into our classroom who have moved from several places. For a new student, there’re probably a million of things going through their mind. Silent Stage is when children experience the school culture as different from their own and when their inability to communicate with peers is caused by language or cultural difference (Igoa, 1995, p. 38). To some, this can be a negative experience, but to others, this…

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