Globalization Case Of Samir Moussa

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When I consider the case of Samir Moussa,his life illustrates both the tension between local culture and globalization,but you also realise that globalization has opportunities.

Globalization as reflected by the case of Samir Moussa can create tension in the following ways:

As it can create cultural gaps as well as cultural harmony;
Globalization created opportunities for him to develop social capital,but at the same time distanced him from his closest friends and families.Thereby enhancing social isolation;and
Globalization enabled Samir Moussa to know of the knowledge of indigenous culture such as the treatment of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis by the medicine man called Don Candido of Costa Rica,but also the scientific treatment of the same disease by the National Institute of Health in Washington,D.C,when Samir was treated there while suffering from Cutaneous Leishmaniasis. Some of the opportunities afforded by globalization as shown by the case of Samir Moussa are mentioned below:
Globalization enables immigration and for the immigrants to exploit opportunities in other areas of the world.For example,the father of Samir Moussa was able to move from Lebanon to Washington,D.C in the USA,and his mother was able to move from Colombia to Washington,D.C.If it was not for

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