Globalization And The Changes Involved Essay

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Daniel Krall
Political Science 2100
Professor Karetny
Final Paper

Globalization and the Changes Involved

Global change is occurring at a rapid speed and is bringing to fruition the idea of globalization; a multifaceted process that can drastically flourish with the help of technology. It will aid in the shift to a more communal world but requires major governmental changes to be made in accordance. A critical but subtle shift has become necessary if human beings intend to survive globally and not just nationalistically. The implementation of a global governing authority is needed because it will assist in the transition from a state-centric world to a fully globalized one. Although many problems may arise when implementing this new form of governing, including the need to find an ideal balance of power. Enough power must be given to this so-called “mediator” to enforce worldwide policies and reprimand those who harm the world we share. A global authority would be beneficial to the political, environmental, and economic needs of the world but must still take into consideration the culturally diverse and religious values of people.

Globalization begins with an increase in state-to-state interactions in order to benefit all parties involved, known as Internationalization. Furthermore, globalization expands with Liberalization and Universalization, which both emphasize global trade, an interconnection of economies, the spread of goods, knowledge, people, and the permeation of…

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