Globalization And International Institutions

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Question: Does globalization diminish the role of the modern-nation state in favour of international institutions?

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Globalization may be conceived as the increasing interconnectedness of the world, creating an ever shrinking global community. Innovative technologies allow people to communicate and materials to be transported at never-before-seen speeds, with ever-decreasing costs. Hence, globalization should naturally limit state 's power; it reduces state revenues, while giving more power to international institutions. These institutions stand as more capable and comprehensive political organizations; creating international norms. However, nation states are the key players in the two-level game of balancing domestic and international pressures, they are best positioned to represent domestic views on the international stage. States, unlike international
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As previously noted, when politicians attempt to act on their countries best interest they can only, at best, represent the majority view. Globalization presents a world in which people can communicate with others all across the globe forming groups which represent their ethnicities in regions far across the world, connecting people with abstract viewpoints to discuss and further them where they would have previously been isolated. Globalization allows for the organization of international interest groups which are better able to support previously overlooked or silenced voices through the mobilization of mass movement and support. These international groups are then able to self-advocate and have more legitimacy through their large support base than previously held by minority groups. Interest groups can make up for deficiencies of the state and present minority opinions

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