Globalization : A Multidimensional Process, And Not Simply Economic

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Understand globalisation as a multidimensional process, and not simply economic. Indeed, many scholars have divided theories of globalisation into categories of political, economic and cultural globalisation. Globalization is an unavoidable trend. The statement above is from Consumer Behaviour and Culture written by de Mooij in 2011. Clearly, the author has hold negative point of view about the impact of globalisation on cultures. He assumes that globalisation pernicious the diversity of cultures and contributing to a homogeneous culture. It is doubtless that many countries got many similarities, and they become increasingly close to one another under the context of culture. The phenomenon of homogenization can be recognized through clothing, architecture, diet, film, and many different components which we see frequently around us. However, some readers may ask that is it true that globalisation threat culture diversity or in other words destroys culture? If it does, in which way and to what extent? In fact, globalisation does not always destroys culture, in some situations it can protect culture. This essay will focus on the aspect about influence of globalisation on culture, especially from the perspective of social habits/behaviors.

The argument which claims that globalisation is detrimental to diversity of culture seems agreed by many people. For example, tea plays a significant role in many countries, in traditional Chinese culture, tea is a type of drink which…

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