Global Warming Essay

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Luster 1 Nicole Luster Mrs. Leonard Period 3 April 29, 2008 GLOBAL WARNING! The dangerous impact that we have on the world is so great that it is leading us to a place without beauty such as the Great Barrier Reef. In this essay I will prove that through cooperation and drive the people can change Australia’s climate back to the way it used to be. To stay away from the tragedy that is approaching we need to act now with three pro-active measures. By using less energy, finding new ways of transportation, and changing the ways of agriculture Australia is capable of climate change.

The greenhouse effect is heating up the earth when burning fossil fuels (Bender et al. 13-14). Most societies depend on electricity. Using electricity more
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Other ways of improving transportation is to think of new ideas and make cars that run on energy other than gas. Until these vehicles are more affordable, the simplest solution is to promote public transportation and car pooling, with companies that offer van pools receiving tax credits.

Agriculture contributes to greenhouse emissions like transportation and energy. Twenty percent of emissions come from agriculture. To be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions there needs to be a change in agriculture. One way of reducing emissions is to think of a new variety of crops and new management for the systems that farmers use (ABC Science). The measurement of emissions should be recorded so people can understand when to use less energy. More importantly, over half a million acres of land are cleared in Australia every year (Australian Conservation Foundation 13-14). The Australian Greenhouse Office has estimated that land clearing contributed 13 per cent of Australia's total greenhouse gas emissions during 1996. Bulldozed, rotting and burning bush emits greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. On April 29th, 2004 the Queensland Parliament passed the Vegetation Management and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2004. This Act phases out the large-scale clearing of Australia’s bush land. The purpose of the act is to; reduce Green House gas emissions, conserve vegetation

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