Global Warming Argumentative Essay

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Earth, a planet that once was devoid of human, an organism that destroys anything and everything in its path, is currently infected with it. After a prosperous five billion years, Earth is sinking and anything on it will go down too. Everyday, Earth is suffering from an endless beating of human destruction: forests are mowed for land, coals are burned for energy, and oceans are polluted for space. The consequence doesn 't only hurt the Earth itself but everything on it. Such large-scale destruction leads to Climate change. Global warming is a gradual process of heating of earth’s surface and the environment. Now, instead of global warming scientists are referring it as climate change due to the effect are greater and not limited to warming. …show more content…
Global warming doesn’t care who is the victim. Whether a rich man living on top a mountain, a poor kid living in an alleyway, or a power figurehead respected by everyone global warming will affect everyone and everything. Taking action is easier than it may look. One of the easiest ways to help save the earth limits carbon emission. Rely less on fossil fuel power energy. Instead of investing on more coal mine try solar or wind power. Every day, earth is receiving 1.74 x 1017 watts of energy from solar energy (“how much power”). One square meter of the earth will receive about one kilowatt of that energy.Burning fossil fuels increases the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. There are two ways to reduce fossil fuel use: Use less energy, or use alternative, non-polluting energy sources like solar and wind power. Collectively, cars and trucks account for nearly one-fifth of all U.S. emissions and in total, the U.S. transportation sector—which includes planes, trains, ships, and freight—produces around 30% of all U.S. global warming emissions(“Car Emissions”). Reduce the amount of waste, reuse items, and recycle unwanted stuff. Lastly, plant a tree; planting a tree can go a long way to help make earth a better place and stop the advance of global warming. Climate change would slow down or even cease as long as humanity stop polluting the

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