Argumentative Essay: The Truth Of Global Warming

The Truth of Global Warming
This Earth has everything a person needs to sustain life. This fact about Earth is partly the reason why Earth is so great. Seasons pass and times goes on. Along with seasons changing, the Earth also supplies a habitat to every species of plant and animal that exists on it. The Earth revolves on its axis and revolves around the sun. The planet does all that it needs to do to keep humans and animals alive. All of these things happen like clockwork. People just expect everything to go as it has in the past. What if that all changed one day? Seasons did not change. The Earth could not provide all things necessary to sustain life. This could, unfortunately, be what happens if something is not done about global warming.
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In the Northeast, heat waves pose as a major threat. Also, torrential downpours will lead to sea levels rising. In the Northwest there will be an increase in wildfires. Also there will be insect outbreaks and tree diseases will run rampant. In the Southeast the biggest threat will be water shortages. The Midwest will be affected greatly by global warming. Heat waves, floods, and also a rise in water levels of the Great Lakes will happen which could be detrimental to the Midwest. Finally, the Southwest will face heat waves and insect outbreaks as well. Agricultural yields will suffer in the Southwest, impacting the human population greatly (Shaftel). As scary as all of this sounds, global warming could also lead to fights over resources. The fight for remaining resources will not only be in the United States, but in the whole …show more content…
Although an increase in climate is actually happening, some refuse to believe that it is. These people tend to be republican or more conservative. A new president goes hand and hand with what will happen militarily in the United States. Will the next president fund new military programs that will help combat climate control? Right now, most funds for civilian assistance are generated by the public. The main source of income is from the Overseas Humanitarian, Disaster and Civic Aid program. Although this program is frequently used, its revenue is plummeting in recent years. If no emphasis is placed on climate control, the military will just have to react when the time comes. Although this might work, it would be much smarter for the United States to prepare early for when climate change strikes back (Holland). Republicans are not the only people who dismiss the idea of global climate change. There are also many conservative religious groups that do not agree with the idea of climate change as

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