Truth Of Global Warming Essay

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The Truth of Global Warming
This Earth has everything a person needs to sustain life. This fact about Earth is partly the reason why Earth is so great. Seasons pass and times goes on. Along with seasons changing, the Earth also supplies a habitat to every species of plant and animal that exists on it. The Earth revolves on its axis and revolves around the sun. The planet does all that it needs to do to keep humans and animals alive. All of these things happen like clockwork. People just expect everything to go as it has in the past. What if that all changed one day? Seasons did not change. The Earth could not provide all things necessary to sustain life. This could, unfortunately, be what happens if something is not done about global warming. The Earth is heating at a slow but noticeable rate. Time on this Earth is limited, and the threat of global warming supports this statement. If the Earth continues to heat at the rate that it does now, all people, plants, and animals of the Earth could be in jeopardy. Global warming is often times disputed amongst people; however, it is real and affects the entire population of the world.
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Global warming has been happening since the first Industrial Revolution. The mean global temperature in 1850 to 1890 was about 13.7 degrees celsius. The first Industrial Revolution occurred between 1840 and 1870. This led to a rapid growth in greenhouse gases (“Global Warming Timeline”). A greenhouse gas is basically a gas that traps heat in the Earth’s atmosphere (“Overview of Greenhouse Gases”). This rapid growth in greenhouse gases was due to mass land clearing, the mass use of the railroad, coal, and even population growth (“Global Warming Timeline”). The first Industrial Revolution was only the start to what was to come from global

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