Global Warming And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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Building walkable communities nearby transportation centers instead of communities that are far from transportation stations and suburbs that depends on car to go from one place to another. Government should also to invest in and expand public transportations such as commuter rail to give people real transportation options. If communities are walkable than people can walk to the places that are nearby. If the destinations will be closer than driving time will be lesser. Thus people will use less car and less money and reduce carbon production. By walking people can be healthy and friendly. when people can walk to the shops, the workplace, or the movie theater instead of driving, global warming can slow down. Each "smartly developed" community reduces global warming by 20 to 40 percent compared to the normally developed community.
Methane is the second most important greenhouse gas and cows are one of the ultimate methane emitters. Their grassy diet and various stomachs cause them to produce methane, which they breathe out with every single breath. Humans’ appetite for meat is a main driver of global warming. Decreasing worldwide meat consumption can be serious to keeping global warming below the ‘threat level’ of two degrees Celsius. The livestock sector accounts for 15 percent of global emissions, equivalent to exhaust emissions from all the vehicles in the world. A shift to healthier patterns of meat-eating could bring a quarter of the emissions reductions we need to keep…

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