Global Issues Of The Middle East Essay

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Global issues refers to a problem or crisis that will directly affect people all over the world. A global issue can range from two countries discussing trade to mass genocides of a race. Global issues are important to study because our world revolves around them. In other words, each state is bargaining, trading, and communicating with other states right now. In the article, “Time to Negotiate in Afghanistan,” James Dobbins and Carter Malkasian discuss the controversial issue of peace in the Middle East and the actions needed to end this continual chaos. Today, there is so much turmoil and devastation occurring all over the Middle East. From Syria to Pakistan, militias, terrorists, and armies are killing, ravaging, and destroying humans, as well as, stirring mass conflict even around the globe. This article is essential because it successfully identifies the main actors and the specific examples of how these actors are working toward peace in the Middle East, as well as, the steps it will take to one day accomplish that goal.
Specifically in this article, the authors address the history of how the states—Afghanistan and Pakistan—have worked toward ending conflict in the Middle East. For example, the article states, “Over the past few months, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Afghan Taliban have made unexpected strides toward talks.” This illustrates that Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Afghan Taliban all desire peace. However, conflict arises due to the lack of ability to…

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