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Businesses all over the world have a choice of either becoming a solution to the problems bedeviling the world or join in and add to these problems. Global warming, corrupt practices, involvement of child labor in the supply chain are some of the problems occasioned by the growth and expansion of multinational corporations. It is incumbent upon these businesses to ensure that they operate ethically and by so doing avoid these dilemmas. Businesses are also expected to actively participate in upholding human rights. The Global Compact proposes presents the framework and guiding principles that can help these MNC’s navigate past these dilemmas as they enter new growth
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These risks occur when the companies unknowingly buy raw materials or receive finished products from factories that mistreat their workers. The “Apple’ Broken Promise” exposé reveals how factories in China are using modern day slavery to drive Apple’s production factories. These factories thrive by enforcing these maltreatments with the assurance, that traditional audit would not go deep down the Apple’s supply chain to expose these human rights violations. According to Article 1 of the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all human beings are born free and equal and they should live as thus both in rights and dignity (“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” 2011). According to GC principle one, businesses are expected to support and respect the protection of all internationally proclaimed human rights. Granted, it is the State’s responsibility to protect its citizens against human rights violations. However, corporations are also expected to play their part in supporting and respecting human rights. MNCs can no longer sit back and do nothing because their relationships and activities can place a negative impact in human rights (Guthrie, 2012). Any MNC that knowingly enters a business relationship with any entity in its value chain must make sure that these partners and entities do not take part in human rights violation failure to which the MNC would be

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