Global Engagement Of Colleges And Universities Essay

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Global Engagement of Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities all across our country exist and are affected by, a world that is increasingly changing the mission and priorities of higher education in an increasing globalized world. Successful institutions, to be more competitive, have to become more unified on a universal stage which is a new reality that encompasses a totally new way of thinking and working. In the field of higher education, Global engagement takes place on various levels therefore according to Hendrickson, “administrators need to ensure that they align their international efforts with that of the institutions overall mission to help ease the ways for its students, and faculty to move across international channels.” So does achievement of global engagement really positively affect the institution, its students, and faculty? Global engagement in higher education has come about in response to the internal and external forces of globalization affecting almost every aspect of life and society today. Hendrickson wrote that” institutions need to evaluate their mission and activities in light of the changing international environment.” Furthermore, that “the global marketplace in which graduates now pursue employment requires institutions to expose student to international perspectives and experience.” I couldn’t agree with him more. In today’s world an education at the international level is going to be the primary means by which we are able…

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